Monday-Friday 11h00 – 02h00

Saturday & Sunday  11h00 – 02h00

The maximum number of people, including children, to be at one table is 6. Customers can gain access to the bars to use the restrooms.

Our staff will provide table service, you can’t order at the bar, and they will wear masks at all times.

Guests are required from the age of 11 to wear a mask when entering the restaurant and the terrace. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended from the age of 6. When customers are at the table, the mask is worn during the order, before serving the first course, and at the time of payment. When moving through the establishment, wearing a mask is compulsory at all times.

As much as possible, the menus will be presented as QR codes that can be found on each table. There will be a limited number of laminated menus available for those without smartphones.

Let’s take care of each other,